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We started with microgreens, but we expanded our range with Tomatoes, Edible Flowers, Lettuce and seen Sweet Peppers and Melons.
All grown with care & responsibility.



These incredible tomatoes are now available. The seeds are from The Netherlands. The farm is under Dutch and UK management. We have 48 greenhouse ready for production. This means consistent deliveries and professionalism.


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Edible Flowers

Apart from our range of Microgreens, we also have Edible Flowers available.

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Give your immune system a boost

Microgreens are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Optimize your immune system to battle pollution and COVID19. Order these super foods now and you get them delivered in BKK city.

Microgreens & Me


Back in 2012 I started with a very small scale production of microgreens in Bangkok. Soon I discovered that all year round consistent deliveries and high quality is what chefs are looking for. And that is what we at Mr. Maarten's Microgreens offer. We source from the US, The Netherlands, Italy and Australia the best seeds and growing media available on the market to deliver a great product all year round. 

Our product is ready for use. Grown without the use of additional chemicals, there is no need to rinse first.

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Microgreens have much higher concentrations of nutrients and flavor compared with fully-grown vegetables and herbs. Due to their very high antioxidant content, microgreens are good for your health and can even prevent disease.
Our microgreens are organically grown in a controlled and clean environment making adding chemicals unnecessary.
Pure nature on your plate.



I met Mr. Maarten when he began working on his idea for microgreens. As a chef that’s always looking for the next interesting ingredient this intrigued me 8 years ago. Maarten has since developed his microgreens farm into an operation that delivers world class beating microgreens with an incredible density and durability. His technology ensures that the greens come out clean and safe. I run busy restaurant operations that require durable products that are also versatile. This product enhances any good product range and takes it to the next level. 

-Timber Suwannakoot
Executive Chef

Apart from a beautiful and tasty product, hygiene and shelf life are very important At Thai Airways Catering. Mr. Maarten's Microgreens offers consistent quality and has been a reliable supplier for over 4 years for us. 

Pierre-André Hauss

Executive Chef Thai Airways Catering  

How to use Mr. Maarten's Microgreens

Mr. Maarten’s Microgreens topping off a sandwich or burger adds a whole new dimension of flavor and color.  Add them to your salads and decorate plates.  

You can keep the microgreens fresh for at least a week if you regularly water them.

After giving water, drain the excess water out by holding the box on its side. 

Store in your fridge around 10 degrees C.

Cut your microgreens with scissors.

They may be small, but they deliver an unbelievable amount of flavor. The beautiful and tasty greens make salads perfect, complete dishes and make sandwiches tasty and healthy.
Pesticide free, as healthy as possible, full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. 

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